Auctions are becoming a great place to buy & sell vehicles.

How it works

The time has come for a safe, easy, and effective online Auction, managed by Koskin Import Ltd.
We have the expertise and wide market exposure to get your Lot seen by many people around the world, we will help you from start to finish and it is free to list your Lot on our auction.
We charge a seller’s commission of 7.5% + VAT, this is only charged when your Lot is successfully auctioned.
Currently we are only accepting auction lots from Finland.
Enjoy the excitement of bidding on that perfect Lot, with no nasty buyers’ fees.
It’s easy to register. Just add your profile information and a credit card for bidding. We charge a 10% deposit of the winning bid directly after the end of the auction, this is to secure the Lot and prove to us that you are a genuine buyer.
Koskin Import Ltd will act as a third party for the payments, this gives the buyer and seller extra security. Simple and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I sell my Lot at auction if I am not in Finland?

Currently we are only accepting consignment auction lots located in Finland, reason for this is that we can control the secure payment between Buyer and Seller.
If you have a vehicle to sell that is located outside of Finland, you can list it on our Classified section for free.

How much does it cost to sell my Lot on Koskin Import?

Listing your Lot is free of charge.
We charge a 7.5% + VAT commission on the final sales price. if the Lot does not sell, then there is no charge.

How can I sell my Lot on Koskin Import?

You can submit your Lot, at no cost, for personal review by us. If your Lot is accepted for auction, we will contact you to confirm auction acceptance and guide you through the listing process.

How long does it take for my Lot to go live?

Our goal is to get your Lot listed on the auction as soon as possible. We will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the process and establish the timeline for your Lot.

How will I be paid when the auction is over?

As soon as a Lot sells on Koskin Import, the buyer is instantly charged a 10% deposit to secure the Lot. We will then be in contact with the buyer to arrange the final payment to Koskin Import, also time frame for collection of the Lot. Once this is all arranged, you will be paid via bank transfer by Koskin Import once the Lot is collected.

How do you choose which Lots to accept for auction?

All auction lots are evaluated by us first. We review several of the lot’s characteristics including condition, collectability, history, documentation, and more.

What happens if my lot is not accepted for auction?

Not every lot is accepted for auction. If a submission does not meet our criteria, we will contact you to explain why your lot was not accepted.
But don’t despair! As an alternative option, we will assist you in selling your Item on our Classified section.

How do reserves work?

A reserve is the minimum price you are willing to sell your Lot for.
We will work with you to set a market correct reserve. Realistic reserves increase the overall buyer experience which can increases bidding activity. Reserve values are not shown to bidders, we do reveal when reserves are nearly reached or have been met during the live auction.

Should I reveal my reserve price?

When you are a seller, the reserve price you set is private and confidential and should remain that way. Revealing your reserve price before an auction ends can negatively limit your Lot from reaching its bidding success.
Never reveal your price especially in public comments. If asked, simply refer the bidder to the auction and prompt them to bid a price that they are comfortable with.

Can I edit my listing once the auction goes live?

Generally, edits are not permitted once an auction has gone live. If you feel an edit is necessary, please contact us with your request.
You can also leave comments and can answer bidder questions on the vehicle description page during the auction to help improve the clarity of your listing.

Can I make a deal outside of the auction?

Lots listed on Koskin Import Auctions are for sale exclusively through the auction site and subject to contract. We incur considerable expense to advertise listings, maintain & operate the platform, and support an administrative staff. As such, if a buyer or seller subverts the auction by attempting to make a deal outside of the auction, you will be banned from the site.
If a buyer attempts this tactic with a seller, the best approach is to simply refer the buyer back to the auction and instruct them to place a bid that they are comfortable with.

Can I relist my Lot if it doesn't sell?

Typically, we do not re-list the same Lot if it does not sell. In the case of a non-sale, you can list it on our Classified section.

Can I cancel my auction listing?

We do not allow the cancellation of listings once the auction goes live. Only in extreme cases where a Lot has suffered a significant change such as theft or damage will there be consideration. Please notify us if such an event occurs.

Can you provide me a photographer recommendation?

We offer an on-site professional photography upgrade option for an additional fee. If interested, please contact us about this.

How do I register to bid?

Registering to bid is easy and free.
First, create an account, you can do so here. Once your account has been created, you will receive an email confirmation. You are required to enter your credit card information from your account page prior to becoming an active bidder.

Why do I have to enter my credit/debit card information?

We require your card details for the 10% deposit. This will be charged to your card immediately after the end of the auction, then deducted from the final sale price.
The deposit will only be charged if the Lot sells at your highest bid.

How much is the buyer's fee?

There are no buyer’s fees.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, also bank transfers.
Please see our Terms & Conditions for full details.

What is Proxy bidding?

Proxy Bidding (also known as Automatic Bidding) – Our automatic bidding system makes bidding convenient so you don’t have to keep coming back to re-bid every time someone places another bid. When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the item. The seller and other bidders don’t know your maximum bid. We’ll place bids on your behalf using the automatic bid increment amount, which is based on the current high bid. We’ll bid only as much as necessary to make sure that you remain the high bidder, or to meet the reserve price, up to your maximum amount.

Can I cancel my bid?

Once a bid is placed it cannot be cancelled. Please only bid if you intend to follow through with the purchase.
If you have any doubts, please do not bid.

Why does the auction clock keep resetting back two minutes, if there are last-minute bids?

If a bid is placed within the last two minutes of an auction, an additional two minutes is added to prevent any last minute “sniping.” This helps ensure all interested bidders have a fair chance to bid.

What happens if I win an auction and how does payment work?

Congratulations! You will be notified automatically of your win and charged the appropriate 10% deposit fee based on your winning bid. We will then be in contact with you to arrange the final payment (minus 10% deposit already paid), also to organise transport preparations if required.

How do I contact a seller?

You can submit a question to the seller through the comment section found on the bottom half of the detailed vehicle listing page.
The comment section is open for all registered users to use, they are also able to comment on the Lot.

How can I inspect a Lot?

We encourage potential bidders to inspect the Lot prior to placing a bid. If you wish to arrange an inspection, you can contact us at to arrange correspondence with the seller. We are also able to inspect the Lot on your behalf, let us know if this service is of interest to you.

What happens if the reserve is not met on an auction?

Once the auction closes and the reserve has NOT been met, the listing will be converted to a classified listing on our website if the seller desires. Koskin Import can then help with any direct negotiations between the Buyer and Seller.

Can I make a deal outside of the auction?

Lots listed as auctions, are for sale exclusively through the auction site. We incur considerable expense to advertise listings, maintain & operate the platform, and support an administrative staff. As such, if a buyer or seller subverts the auction by attempting to make a deal outside of the auction, you will be banned from the site.

NOTE: This auction service will be ready very soon!!

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