Volkswagen Golf Rabbit GTI

Posted on 27.8.2021 / 1749
Volkswagen Golf Rabbit GTI
Price : 15,300
Listing Type : Cars
Item Type : Retro Cars
Attention : Restored
Make : Volkswagen
Model : Golf Rabbit GTI
Year : 1983
Country Location : Finland
Volkswagen Golf Rabbit GTI

Volkswagen Golf Rabbit GTI

Museum registered original Rabbit MK1 1.8 8V GTi.

The meter reading is in miles, kilometres approx. 232,500 and the reading is correct.

The history of the car is clear, four Finnish owners, the first owner bought the car as a new whilst working in the United States. The car has a certificate of authenticity from the Volkswagen Museum, as well as an original owner’s manual, an exact service manual and a large pile of receipts from the car’s history and Rabbit’s original promotional material can be found.

The car has been with me since 2003, when it had been driven under 100,000 miles. Initially, Rabbit operated as a utility car and has since been fully “nut-oriented” for 2014-2018. The car was dismantled to a bare shell, crushed glass blasted, and sheet metal work was done carefully. NOS Front fender and new VW original tailgate. After the sheet metal work, the car is primed with epoxy, the seams are massaged, the housing structures are carefully primed on the inside and rust protected with Tectyl materials. The base and wheel arches have been massaged with Noxudol 3100 and finally the car has been painted on the body grill on all sides in the Cashmere White tone of the original colour chart. Originally, the car was Royal red-red, but with the red interior, white looks calmer. The sunroof was not removed because it was already installed in the car in the early years of the car in the United States.

As many original Volkswagen parts as possible were used to assemble the car, and the availability of them at the beginning of the 2010s was still good. US specs parts have been searched for in the US, otherwise NOS parts or high-quality accessories have been used. All chassis parts, joints, pulleys, drive joints, brake and fuel line parts are new as well as window and door seals, window hinges, door hinges, adhesive windshield, gear lever, etc. The engine is an original JH-code engine that has been completely renovated and upgraded to match the Euro-GTi’s DX engine, and a missing oil cooler from the Yankee model has been added. The gearbox is not original, but it has been completely run through and all consumables have been refurbished. The original close-ratio box can be found in parts. K-jetronic’s control pressure regulator and manifold have been refurbished in England, all nozzles are new Bosch parts. All parts of the ignition are also new.

To repair the interior, another similar interior has been ordered from the USA, the upholstery has been washed in the laundry and the benches have been repaired by a professional. The roof upholstery is new, and the carpet is new NOS. The sound emission of the car has been improved when the car is in the sleeve. The electricity has been disconnected from the car, traversed and the fault / fire-sensitive light connection of the MK1 Volkswagen has been changed to relay, so that the headlight current no longer passes through the light switch. The rims are the original Snowflakes, which have been restored to match the original.

The car is museum registered in 2018 and stamped 4/2021, the next inspection is by 22.4.2025. The paint surface is protected with ceramic coating 5/2021. The car works and the chassis and driveability are first class, the car has been driven for about 500km after restoration. The next owner would also have a little to do. Already in its time as a utility car, the car started weakly hot, starts cold like under a palm tree. Although the entire fuel system has been traversed, the feature has remained a mystery.

This is a rare review of the rare MK1 Rabbit that won’t come across too much.


Message from Koskin Import: This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, I have not personally seen this car and am advertising it on behalf of the owner using their description and photos. We can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc.

This Volkswagen Golf Rabbit GTI is in Finland and can be shipped worldwide!

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