The story behind koskin import

” There is just something about classic cars that you don’t get with your modern-day cars” – Jason Holland, CEO.

I have always had a fascination for classic cars, since I can remember I have been surrounded by them. My father used to run a classic car business in Germany when we lived there, mainly importing vehicles from America. I was only young then and have fond memories of being driven to school in some amazing classics, of course as a young boy my first choices were always the sporty cars.

The below photos are of me and my father in 1988 on a trip to the USA purchasing some vehicles. Also my fathers show room in Germany in the 80’s.

I moved to Finland with my family from the UK in 2009, learnt to speak Finnish and it wasn’t long before I bought my first classic. A 1965 Ford Cortina 1500GT.

After owning the Cortina for a while, I found a Ford Escort 1600 Sport that took my fancy. Unfortunately to be able to purchase the Escort, I had to sell the Cortina.

I advertised the Cortina for sale and to my surprise the main inquiries were from outside of Finland, it wasn’t long before it sold and headed to the UK.

I then purchased the Ford Escort 1600 Sport. After a while it got sold abroad again to enable me to purchase something different. This went on for a few years and is basically how Koskin Import was founded in 2014, from a hobby to a business.
My business has been growing steadily since, and I have managed to create great world-wide customer relations. I also corporate with alike businesses and have managed to build a trustworthy name amongst the field.

I provide many services to help the seller as well as the buyer, whether it is to export a vehicle from Finland or to purchase a vehicle from abroad and import it to Finland..I am here to help. This is what I do every day, and this is my expertise. I am focused on providing an honest service with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


I also offer a commission sales service for clients looking to sell their vehicles, this has proven to work extremely well. In fact, most of the vehicles that I now advertise and sell are for clients. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you like what I have on offer.