Worldwide transportation

I have very good contacts for transporting vehicles all over the world, contacts that has taken me many years to acquire.

This is a big part of my business, as nearly all of the sold vehicles require transporting to there new owners.

Even if you are not purchasing a vehicle from us, I can still arrange to have your vehicle transported anywhere in the world.

Tommi Makinen Evo 6

Shipping To Australia

I inspected this beautiful Tommi Makinen Evo 6 for a client from Australia, he had seen it advertised here in Finland and contacted me to arrange the purchase.

I purchased it on his behalf and shipped it from Finland to Australia.

The photo is when it arrived in Australia. 

Shipping to Miami

This great little Austin Mini was for sale by us and found a new home in Miami.

We shipped it to from Finland to Miami for its happy new owner.

The photo was sent to us by the new owner.


Austin Mini Miami
Ford Escort MK1 MK2 RS2000 Mexico

Road Transport in the UK

We have a trusted company in the UK that takes care of our deliveries, we have been using the same company for many years.

Both of these cars were sold by us. We shipped them from Finland to the UK, then they were collected from the docks and both delivered directly to their new owners..door to door service.

Personal delivery Germany

I sold this lovely EMW Convertible to a client in Germany. Part of the deal was that I personally met him with the car at Travemunde, it was a quick hand over and I was able to return to Finland on the same vessel as I arrived.

Race Car Sweden

Personal Delivery Sweden

After selling this race car to a client in Sweden, I agreed to deliver it to him as I also had some other cars to purchase in Sweden.

We met at the docks for the hand over, I then continued my journey in Sweden to purchase and return to Finland with two other cars. 

Personally Deliver France

I sold this rare Mazda RX7 race car to a client from Japan, he actually flew to Finland to have a look at it.

Before shipping it to Japan, he wanted to use it at an upcoming event in France.  I personally delivered it to France for him.

Mazda RX7 France Japan

Secure Road Transport

We can offer secure covered road transport around Europe.

Rest assured that your vehicle is out of site and can not be touched whilst being transported to you, also greatly reduces the risk of any accidental damage that may occur whilst out on the road.  

Transport reviews

Steyr-Puch 700C

Steyr-Puch 700C

Purchase and Transport service.

Thank you for the excellent organization. Everything worked out perfectly. Jason always kept me well informed.
It was a very nice contact that I can recommend at any time.

Classic car transport

Classic car transport

I bought this car from a private person in Finland and Jason took care of temporary storage and transport to my home country.

The car arrived in the same condition as I had bought it and communication with Jason was excellent throughout the process.

Thank you Jason!

Happy buyer in Dubai

Happy buyer in Dubai

Jason made the process very easy, advising both the seller and I (buyer) on all the ins and outs of sale and export from Finland to Dubai.

Hassle free process.


Transport of classic car

Transport of classic car

I was delighted with the transport service of my recently delivered classic VW. It was the 4th car that I have bought from long distance and the driver was the 1st to actually find my house!! ( despite his Truck and trailer being far larger than the others !!)

As an added bonus the car was transported covered and carefully loaded and unloaded.
Would use them again without hesitation.