Online listings

List your vehicle on our site and take advantage of our ever-
expanding network channels, we will help with the marketing to find suitable buyers.


Auctions are becoming a great place to buy & sell vehicles, we have sold many of our own and customers vehicles at auction.

Worldwide transportation

We have very good contacts for transporting vehicles all over the world, contacts that has taken us many years to acquire.

Vehicle collection

(Available in most countries)
We can collect your vehicle and deliver to the destination of your choice, insurance is also available.

Vehicle inspection

(Available in most countries)
We can inspect the vehicle for you, this way you get an honest opinion about the vehicles condition.
You will be supplied with a report including photos and a video taken at the inspection.

Sales Service

(Only available in Finland at the moment)
If you don’t have the time to sell your car or would rather that someone else deals with it all, then maybe our proven sales service would suite you best.

Vehicle purchase

(Aimed at people wanting to buy a car in Finland)
There is nothing more uneasy to do then sending a total stranger money for something that you have never seen, believe me we do it quite often and it never gets any easier.
We have purchased a few cars on behalf of our clients, one of the benefits is that no money is exchanged until the car is collected by us from the seller.
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