Terms & Conditions


These Terms of Use apply to Koskin Import Ltd network services.

Koskin Import Ltd offers its pages as a trading market platform and therefore does not participate in any transaction, without a separate agreement and terms of conditions.

Registration and use of the service

Koskin Import Ltd online service user must accept these Terms of Use to register and use the merchant site service. By using the merchant site service, the user has already agreed to apply to these Terms and Conditions.

Service user

The service user can be a private person or a legal representative of a company. The user acknowledges the responsibility to provide the correct information when registering. Provision of false user information is prohibited.

The user is responsible for maintaining their username and password and not being disclosed to third parties. The user’s personal information is confidential and is not distributed by Koskin Import Ltd to third parties for marketing or for any other purpose. With the permission of the user, the contact information can be shared. The user confirms to be at least 18 years of age.


Service content & rates

Koskin Import Ltd reserves the right to change the content of services as part of normal operations (including pricing and pricing). The current rates are available on the service pages. Koskin Import Ltd is also entitled to terminate the service at any time.

Koskin Import Ltd does not take any responsibility on the another service provider or its contents, who is advertising its products or services on the Koskin Import website.

Koskin Import Ltd is not responsible for the accuracy of the vehicle marketing information submitted by the user. Koskin Import Ltd has the right to change or remove the contents of the messages and pictures, if they are against good manners or law.

Koskin Import Ltd reserves the right to revoke and prohibit the use of a service by the user if the user has acted in violation of these Terms of Service or otherwise has acted improperly or in violation of the law.

Mainstream trading of users

Koskin Import Ltd offers its pages as a trading marketplace and therefore does not participate in trading any way.

The users of the service agree separately on the terms and conditions of the sale.

Koskin Import Ltd as a third party

If a user has purchased a separate purchase service package from Koskin Import Ltd as an ancillary service, and both parties have signed a separate agreement. It may then be considered that Koskin Import Ltd will then become a third party in trading.

Site security

The user is responsible for the proper management of the security of their own information systems. Koskin Import Ltd provides its security services in a generally acceptable manner with the aim of preventing unauthorized access to their information systems. However, the service provider can not guarantee complete security.