Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type-R


Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type-R 

This wrx sti type-r V5 (MY99) has seen much care and love. Parts that have been replaced are new and as OEM as possible, receipts/part stickers are available. Car’s history is well known and documented. There is much documentation about maintenance since it has been bought in Japan back in 1998!

I have many documents and information about the car.

I have restored some modifications or worn parts to its original state, such as suspension and many other smaller parts. Some highlights: STI pedals, original radio / toolbox / spare wheel, original vf28 turbo & STI exhaust. She does look like a new car from many perspectives. It’s ideal for a collector or to someone to have it as a “keeper”.


Documents to show who has owned it in Japan and Finland and which years.
Owned by 2 persons in Japan 1998 -> 2008 (0km – 98 000 km).
Transported to Finland in 2008
2008 – 2016 1 person
2016 – 2020 1 person
2020 – I am current owner

Car information:
MOT history and maintenance history (partly from Japan too) is known and documented.

Car has completely new OEM EJ207 short block, preassembled by Subaru. Heads have been refurbished by Subaru professional as well as the original VF28 turbo. I have saved the original EJ207 block if the buyer wants it.

Car has also been resprayed at official Subaru shop in 2020 and ceramic coated 2023.

Gearbox works well. The shifter has all new bushings so it’s really nice and stiff. Group-n mounts guarantee nice shifting experience & gives nice gear sound to cabin. All synchros work well. I can’t give you much of a guarantee for the gearbox since it has not been opened. Transmission and front/rear gear oil has been changed in 2020 and no issues was found there.

I have more than a hundred receipts from 2008 till 2023. They include everything from the new short block to oil changes.

New parts since 2020 (documents will be supplemented):

  • Over sprayed at official Subaru shop with original pure white in 2020. There were so many stone chips and scratches etc. that it was easier just to overspray. Since it’s the same colour, it is impossible to say if its original paint or not. All parts were removed for painting, including the windshield.
  • Windshield renewed 2020.
  • Ceramic coated at THM polishing in Helsinki 2023 to make the washing easy.
  • new EJ207 Subaru short block. Original engine broke at ~147000km (connecting rod’s big end bearing at cylinder 2) as I was driving to work. Every part that touches the oil has been fully cleaned or renewed. Original block will come with the car if the buyer wishes so. Original heads have been fully refurbished by Subaru professional with receipt. Engine break in, torque figures and valve clearances etc. have been documented as the engine has been assembled.
  • Original IHI VF28 turbo has been completely refurbished with new oem bearing pack, new accessories etc. Done by turbo professional with receipt (Fin-Turbo). Turbo worked fine and the clearances were good but I wanted to fix it since the bearing failed and there was a risk of metal flakes in the oil circulation. New bearing pack was installed since the turbo was opened anyway. Turbo was also painted, and new bell was installed. All vacuum hoses have been renewed as well as the intake pipe that connects to turbo inlet (common failure in Subarus)..
  • Fuel injectors have been refurbished and all fuel hoses in the engine compartment are new.
  • Shock absorbers and springs are completely new and oem (they are not cheap!). Same as the steering joints. Wheel adjustment will be done on 4th of July.
  • New gaskets, hoses, seals etc (nearly everything in the engine compartment!). seals and gaskets are all oem. most of the coolant hoses are oem look silicone (to last longer), from Roose motorsport without any markings.
  • new exedy clutch and flywheel.
  • new oem ignition coil, spark plug cables and spark plugs.
  • lots of new other parts, such as: shifter bushings, antenna, clutch master/slave cylinder, windscreen washer tank & pumps etc. etc. Most of them were replaced just because it was easy to do when the engine was out.
  • all liquids.
  • New Yokohama Advan sport tires.
  • new MAF sensor.
  • All aux. belts, air filter etc.
  • mud guards, air filter hatch, AC roller bearing, battery……

As the car is 25 years old, there are some things to consider:

  • DCCD cluster light does not work at the lowest setting. I have light bulb set for it but I wouldn’t change it before there is other things to fix to cluster since it does not affect to anything at all. This bulb burns easily because it is on 95% of the time (as dccd is on “neutral”).
  • Passenger doors arm rest has 3mmx3mm small dent (not very visible).
  • Doors open light is faintly on the cluster, possibly one of the door ajar sensors has a bit connection issues. Does not affect to anything.
  • Steering wheel’s red thread is a bit loose on one section of the steering wheel (not very noticeable though).
  • Underside on the rear needs some heatshield/stone chip painting (parts are bolted so they can be removed for painting), if someone wants the car to be perfect underneath as well. No need to paint the underside otherwise, it’s in great shape!!!
  • Brake hoses are not routed through the new shock absorber holders. Hose connections needs to be opened to install them properly. Drivers side rear brake hose has touched the wheel chamber with previous TEIN suspensions (approx. 5x25mm of paint removed). There is no rust but maybe some paint would be ok.
  • Front and rear wiper arms paint is quite faded on some areas.
  • Shifters mud guard is a bit torn. It does not affect to driving but wanted the buyer to know. That guard keeps dust and in some cases water out from the shifter. Old guard is still in place, but it has ripped a bit. I have new mud guard to include. It’s simple to change.
  • Gearbox has not been opened since 1998. I would say it’s the highest risk on this car. Oil has been changed only 3000km ago and it was fine. Box works perfectly now but I just wanted to note that I have not seen it open so it’s always a guestimate how long it lasts.
  • If the buyer wants to get the paint to be like a mirror, car needs to be polished. I didn’t want to take risk of burning through the lacquer. There are two areas, one on the hood and another on the sides that may need more lacquer if it’s required to be polished without risks. The paint job is really good to my eye, but I wanted to note this to the buyer as some people want mirror like paint surface. I don’t mean that this cars paint wouldn’t be nice but mirror like surface requires more than that.
  • Passenger side mirror is slow, this has happened to every gc8 as far as I know. It still works, no issue there.
  • Alternator & power steering pump have seen many kilometres already. They work fine so far.

Other comments:

  • Fog light (required in Finland for the MOT): hole made to one of the panels in the cabin (for the switch). Completely new oem panel in original box included.
  • Two keys. Central lock without remote option.
  • No ABS because of the DCCD (like all the type-r’s).
  • Car has airbags (driver and front passenger).
  • Current pistons are not forged. Don’t go over 380hp without changing them. Also, the gearbox should be upgraded to withstand more power.
  • DCCD is very noisy if you go to the highest settings. This is normal, you can find much information about this from the internet.

Things that are not OEM parts:

  • Fuel pump is walbro 255.
  • DEFI sensors (oil pressure, oil temperature and boost) are plug and play ready. Gauges with white background are not installed but will be included.
  • KillerB oil pickup + baffle plate. Subaru has had some issues with the oem oil pickup that has been soldered together, hence the killerB that is very sturdy.
  • ARP head studs. As I took the OEM head studs away I didn’t like the quality of them and I also like the idea of torquing the  nut against washer with torque grease instead of bolts.
  • Subaru STI group n stiffer motor and transmission mounts. I don’t like to have the shifter moving all over the place and I loved to get some transmission sound inside the car.
  • STI Rays wheels 17″ 5 poles. I believe these are from wrx sti V5 type-r limited edition.
  • Cooled front brake discs + fedoro brake pads.
  • Cobra anti-theft. If the car is stored for longer periods, I recommend to disconnect the battery or to keep the battery connected to a charger since the anti-theft is sucking a bit battery with its microphones etc.
  • Head lights are from Impreza euro model to make it legal to Finnish roads. They are just the same as jdm but with correct light pattern to right side traffic. They also have front light level adjustment knob that is required in Finland.

This Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type-R  can be shipped worldwide!


There are many detailed photos available, just ask if you would like to see them.


Message from Koskin Import:

This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, I have not personally seen this car and am advertising it on behalf of the owner using their description and photos.

We can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc. Our services can be found here: https://koskinimport.com/services/




Vehicle specifications

Make: Subaru
Model: Impreza
Year: 1999
Engine size: 2.0
Location: Finland



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