BMW 2002 2.0l 1968


BMW 2002 2.0l 1968

BMW 2002 VIN 1602695 was manufactured on March 19th, 1968, and delivered on March 28th, 1968, to Sweden. Registered in Sweden… April 24, 1968.

This vehicle has full known history from new to present, this is listed below.

It is a nice presentable vehicle, also of the sought after era with the 2.0l engine.

A recent Classic Data report was issued on 30.05.2023 with a score of “2-“, valued at 19000€.


BMW 2002 2.0l 1968 Owners:

5.2.20- Present. Kaitila Paavo, Finland. Complete brake service 6/2020 (€500). Brake cylinders cleaned, sensitized, pads/belts replaced and brake fluid. Installed original intake manifold and carburettor. Rear light seals replaced. The seals on the outside of the door handles have been replaced. Driver’s door stopper replaced. The car has always been registered for traffic. Each owner has taken care of the car.

20.5.18 – 5.2.20. Pasi Kalevi, Raisio. Finland. Installed twin Weber carburetors and intake manifolds.

5.7.13 – 20.5.18. Ari Juhani, Finland. In 2014 (receipt) he repaired the rusting defects of the rear arches and a bloom the size of a few fingertips with a good local auto sheet metal smith, who also painted the rear sides.

11.6.07 – 5.7.13 Hans Haapanen, Finland. Owned the car for 6 years. No information on his ownership period.

15.5.2000 -11.6.07 Salokorpi Matti, Finland. Inspected as a museum car

9.4.97 – 15.5.2000 Salokorpi Matti, Finland. Owned the car for 10 years. Replaced the seats with artificial leather, when you couldn’t get new fabric anywhere for the original cloth-upholstered seats. The frayed seals on the doors and windows have been replaced. Minor rust damage repaired. The car is painted in the original color. Exhaust pipe replaced. The engine was not opened when there was no reason. Didn’t use oil.

6.9.96-7.4.97 again Jörgen Mälargård, Sweden.

9.4.94-6.9.96 Karl Fredrik Öhrnell, Sweden. Spouse of previous owner.

10.8.93-9.4.94? Cecilia Je Halvars Öhrnell, Sweden.

6.4.92- 10.8.93 Jörgen Mälargård, Sweden. Almost same address as Birgit Elofsson. Former neighbor?

16.10.1978-06.04.1992 (13.5 years) Birgit Linnea Elofsson, Sweden.

21.5.1969-16.10.1978 (over 9 years) Bo Gustav Åhlen, Sweden.

24.4.1968-21.5.1969 (only one year) Ingegärd Myhr, Sweden.


Message from Koskin Import:

This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, I am advertising it on behalf of the owner using their description, I personal have seen the car and took the photos.

I have many more detailed photos that can be sent upon request.

We can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc.

Our services can be found here:

This BMW 2002 2.0l 1968 is in Finland and can be shipped worldwide!

Vehicle specifications

Make: BMW
Model: 2002
Year: 1968
Engine size: 2.0l
Location: Sweden



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