Ford Cortina 1500GT Lotus


Ford Cortina 1500GT Lotus

Genuine 1500GT with a Lotus engine.



I purchased this great vehicle in the summer of 2022, I have used it a few times and it is fantastic.

The previous owner owned it for just over 15 years. He rebuilt it from a bare shell with his son as a “father & son” project, only reason it was sold is due to moving to a flat without a garage.

I have some old photos of the restoration, there you can see that it was a very good vehicle to start with.

The speedo was reset to 0km after the restoration, 15 years later driven under 1000km



To this date the exterior is still in remarkable condition, super straight with great panel gaps.

Only real blemishes are a small rust bubble appearing on the passengers side rear wheel arch and a slight scratch/filler crack that has been touched up with a paint pen.

Riveted Lotus steel rims.

New toughened and slightly tinted glass all around.



Interior has mainly been completely renewed and is a great place to be.

It has been kept as original as possible apart from the seats, I personally think that the seats are a bit too modern for the car, but they are super comfortable.

  • New carpet.
  • New roof lining.
  • New electrics.
  • New VDO dials.



This car pulls very well and has the sound to match, such a blast to drive.

Original 1500cc engine has been swapped for a more powerful Lotus version. Block is 681F 6015DA with 82.5mm Hepolite pistons, Lotus head with racing camshafts, but I do not know what type.

I would like to get it tested on the Dyno prior to being sold as I am very interested to know its true power.

Gearbox is standard 1500GT.

No Lsd fitted, this is something that I would recommend fitting.

Front coil-over suspension.



As you will see in the photos, it is very clean and totally rust free.

Also by looking at the old restoration photos it is visible that there was not much welding needed.



Included is the Finnish registration certificate and old restoration photos.



If you are looking for an old school fast Ford, then this one is well worth considering.

Gets plenty of attention and thumps up from even the younger generation.

There are many details that I am for sure missing out, photos will explain more.


I have many detailed photos that can be supplied upon request, also some videos


This Ford Cortina 1500GT Lotus can be shipped worldwide!


Vehicle specifications

Make: Ford
Model: Cortina
Year: 1965
Engine size: 1600cc
Location: Germany

Sold To Germany!


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Please let me know if you have a vehicle that you would like to sell, I could be interested in buying it.

Even if I don’t buy it, I could have a client looking for that type of vehicle and could sell it for you.

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