Ford Cortina Mk1 Pre-Airflow


Ford Cortina Mk1 Pre-Airflow 1964




The Ford Cortina is a medium-sized family car that was built initially by Ford of Britain, and then Ford of Europe in various guises from 1962 to 1982, and was the United Kingdom’s best-selling car of the 1970s. – Wikipedia



Sold new here in Finland. The last time it was used on the road was in 2016, since then been stored and driven on occasion just to keep everything freed up.

Meter reading is just over 81,000km, I would say this to be true judging by the condition of the vehicle.



The exterior is totally original and has great patina. Body is super straight, and all the gaps are great.

It does require work in places. Main areas are the bottom edges of the wings, also there is a long scratch down the passenger’s side.

Chrome work is still very presentable, especially for a vehicle of this age.

Under the bonnet it is nice and original. The suspension top struts are still original but will need addressing, or possibly replacing.

Boot area looks untouched and is in great original condition, even has the original jack in its bag.


Ford Cortina Mk1 Pre-Airflow



Interior is great for a car of this age.

Driver’s seat is showing most signs of wear, also rear-view mirror is missing.

Roof lining is in good condition without any rips.

Rubber floor mat is in good shape, only the drivers foot area is worn the most. I lifted the mat to have a look at the floors, these are in great original condition.




Mechanically everything is in order, engine sounds sweet. I have given it a short test drive and brakes, clutch etc are all good, it drives very well.

There is a starter switch fitted as the ignition barrel is slightly faulty. You have to turn the ignition on with the key and hold it in the start position, then use the added toggle switch to start it.

The vehicle has been standing for many years without any real use, so it is advisable to check everything thoroughly before being used.



Underneath is solid, apart from the driver’s sill and both front jacking points.

I couldn’t see any previous weld repairs.

There is a video of me going around tapping everywhere to point out what is solid.



Included is:

  • Finnish registration certificate

  • User manual (Finnish)



Finding a Pre-Airflow Cortina in this original condition is rare now days, unfortunately it is not perfect and requires work.


  • Pre-Airflow.

  • Original paint.

  • Great interior.

  • Never welded (but needed).

  • Low mileage.


  • Driver’s sill needs replacing.

  • Both front jacking points rotten.

  • Front suspension top plates need repairing.

  • Bottom edges of both front wings need repairing.

I have many detailed photos that can be sent.


This Ford Cortina Mk1 Pre-Airflow can be shipped worldwide!

Please know that I will help you in every way possible with the purchase. I have good contacts for shipping the vehicle all over the world. If you would like to come and view the vehicle before purchasing that would be great but if it isn’t possible to come and view, I will do my best to give you as much information and as many photos as you require. I purchase vehicles from foreign countries, so I know exactly the situation you are in.

Jason Holland
Koskin Import Ltd

Vehicle specifications

Make: Ford
Model: Cortina
Year: 1964
Engine size: 1200
Location: UK



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