Ford Escort RS1600 VEV-612L


Ford Escort RS1600 VEV-612L

This Ford Escort RS1600 is not only one of just 1,139 examples of the coveted AVO special edition, but one of just 200 with an alloy-block version of the 120bhp 1.6-litre Cosworth BDA engine

What sets this car even further apart from the rest, is that it is one of the first three pre-production cars to receive the aluminium engine block. As far as we are aware there were three pre-production cars, VEV-611L, VEV-612L and VEV-613L. One is supposed to be in Japan, one destroyed and then this one.

This vehicle with registration number VEV-612L is the most known RS1600 out there, as it was used by Ford as their promotional/press photoshoot car.

The RS1600 was produced between 1970-1974, the alloy-block version did not go on sale until 1973 in limited numbers. This pre-production Ford Escort RS1600 VEV-612L is dated August 1972.

VEV-612L left the factory as a RHD vehicle, it has now professionally been converted to LHD.

As you will see in the photos, it has been restored to a very high standard. We have some photos prior to the restoration, in those photos it is visible that it had a 1600cc crossflow engine fitted and not the original BDA engine. Unfortunately, the original BDA engine could not be traced or found and in its replacement, there is now a later type 1800cc alloy-block engine fitted.

The body is still the original one, so are many other parts. The seats have been recovered using correct Beta fabric from the 70’s, this was purchased from an old factory worker that worked on these cars in the 70’s at the Ford factory.

We have a copy of the original UK registration certificate, also original number plates (VEV-612L).

The RS1600 rarely surfaces for sale, especially one like this.

There is a lot to explain about this vehicle, also many detailed photos are available. If you are interested, please contact me with any questions.

This Ford Escort RS1600 VEV-612L is in Finland and can be shipped worldwide!

Please know that I will help you in every way possible with the purchase. I have good contacts for shipping the vehicle all over the world. If you would like to come and view the vehicle before purchasing that would be great but if it isn’t possible to come and view, I will do my best to give you as much information and as many photos as you require. I purchase a lot from foreign countries, so I know exactly the situation you are in.

Jason Holland
Koskin Import Ltd


Vehicle specifications

Make: Ford
Model: Escort RS1600
Year: 1972
Engine size: 1800
Location: Finland

Staying in Finland!


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