Ford Escort RS2000 G1 Race Car


Ford Escort RS2000 G1 Race Car 




This is not a genuine RS2000, it is built to FIA Group 1 race specification.




The car was a rally car previously and stood still for many years. The previous owner (known in Finland for building good Fords) is a rally driver and is now swapping over to track racing, he completely stripped the rally car and built this track car using mainly new parts.

He attended three race weekends in 2022 and came first in his class in all races, he now has a BDA Escort race car, hence the sale of this one.




Exterior is very presentable but not perfect. The previous owner sprayed the car himself and there are some runs in places, these are only visible close up.

In one of the races there was some slight contact to the driver’s side rear quarter with another car, this resulted in a dent and some tire marks. This is an easy repair, and I was planning on pulling out the dent and cleaning off the tire marks prior to advertising the car, I just haven’t had time yet but will most likely find some time soon.

The front wings are still factory original ones, which tells you this body hasn’t had a hard life. The previous owner didn’t want to remove them to fit the required RS wings with the lip, so he cut out the arches and welded in the lips to look the same as RS.



There isn’t much to this interior as it is a race car, it is very smart though with new carpet, new seat & belt.



Everything has virtually been renewed, fantastic car to drive.

When I was talking to the owner, he was saying that he believed it to be at around 150hp. I have had fast Group 1 Escorts before and thought he was being a bit optimistic, normally they are at around 145hp. There isn’t much tuning that can be done to a group 1, mainly only the head can be modified. He used a special old school G1 head that he had siting on the shelf for the last 30 years, with larger vales and upgraded cam.

At the first opportunity I took it for a dyno session to get a power report, the tester said that this is one of the best that he has had in his garage for a very long time, very impressive 158hp/170Nm.

Brief pointers:

·      Full engine rebuild.

·      Rebuilt gearbox with correct Historic race ratios.

·      Lock diff with 4.2 ratio.

·      Nice roll cage.

·      New brakes.

·      Bilstein suspension.

·      Quick rack.

·      Pedal box.

·      New wheels.

·      New FIA passport, valid until 2032.

·      Etc. etc

Photos will explain more!



Rust free and in very good shape, no signs of nasty weld repairs.



Included is:

·      Finnish registration certificate.

·      FIA Passport.

·      Dyno print out.




This is a great car that is road registered and registered for racing, only driven three races since full rebuild.

Not perfect but not bad at all, gets plenty of attention on the road as well as on the track.

I have a load of detailed photos that can be supplied upon request, I will also soon edit the dyno session video and upload that.

This Ford Escort RS2000 G1 Race Car can be shipped worldwide!

Vehicle specifications

Make: Ford
Model: Escort
Year: 1974
Engine size: 2.0
Location: UK


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