Goliath Hansa 1100 Kombi


Goliath Hansa 1100 Kombi

The Goliath 1100 and later the Hansa 1100 is a small automobile that was manufactured from 1957 to 1961 by the Bremen based Goliath-Werke Borgward & Co, a subsidiary of Borgward. A two-door saloon and a three-door kombi (estate) version were available from launch and a two-door coupe was introduced a year later. For 1959, the Goliath name was dropped, and the car was rebadged as the Hansa 1100, recalling Borgward’s prewar model of the same name. The Goliath 1100 replaced the Goliath GP900 and apart from a completely new engine, little had changed. In place of the GP 700’s two-stroke engine, the 1100 featured a water-cooled boxer motor, an engine format taken up by Subaru several years after the demise of the Goliath brand. The Goliath business had been established in 1928 by the entrepreneurial engineer Carl Borgward in partnership with Wilhelm Tecklenburg. The plant had been bombed to destruction during the war, but during the 1950s produced a succession of small front-wheel-drive passenger cars. The Goliath 1100 was the last of these.

This Goliath Hansa 1100 Kombi was part of a collection, the then owner has had this brand nearly all his live. He would buy them, restore them, and then eventually sell them on to purchase more.

An inspection (MOT/TUV) was carried out recently, it is fully road worthy and ready to use.

I have given the car a short test drive, it drives well.

There are many detailed photos that can be supplied upon request, these will give you a good idea as to the condition of the car.

This Goliath Hansa 1100 Kombi can be shipped worldwide.


Vehicle specifications

Make: Hansa
Model: 1100 Kombi
Year: 1961
Engine size: 1.1
Location: Germany

sold to Germany


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