Messerschmitt KR200 1963


Messerschmitt KR200 1963

This Messerschmitt KR200 1963 is an extremely collectible and desirable micro-car, striking in red with black interior.

A fun vehicle to drive that gets plenty of attention wherever it goes, drives just as well as it looks.

It was sold new here in Finland and has had three owners, mainly only been used for the odd car shows.

In 2011 it was beautifully restored to its current condition, mechanically also serviced.

The Messerschmitt KR200, or Kabinenroller (Cabin Scooter), was a three-wheeled bubble car designed by the aircraft engineer Fritz Fend and produced in the factory of the German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt from 1955 to 1964.

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Message from Koskin Import:

This is a private seller and not a car owned by us, I have not personally seen this car and am advertising it on behalf of the owner using their description and photos.

We can help with the purchase if required and offer many extra services like Inspection, transport etc.

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Vehicle specifications

Make: Messerschmitt
Model: KR200
Year: 1963
Engine size:
Location: Finland

Sold in Finland!


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