Subaru Justy Keke Rosberg Design Limited Edition


Subaru Justy Keke Rosberg Design Limited Edition


In recognition of Keke’s Formula 1 World Championship and later cooperation with the Subaru Racing Series a limited edition Keke Rosberg design Subaru Justy were launched.
150 vehicles were planned to be released, it is rumoured though that just over 50 vehicles were actually built making it super rare. This vehicle is No. 22.

This Justy has just qualified for the official Finnish Museum registry, to qualify for this the vehicle has to be in original condition and over 30 years old. Keke was informed of this new achievement for vehicle No. 22, he was pleased about this new milestone and decided to draft a personal letter that will be included with this vehicle.

Some of the extra features unique to the Subaru Justy Keke Rosberg Design include:
  • Lower and stiffer suspension.
  • 13” alloy wheels.
  • Leather steering wheel with an embedded enamel image of Keke Rosberg’s helmet.
  • Side skirting and spoiler.
  • Yellow rally style stripe.
  • Sunroof
Also, it seems that for some strange reason they were fitted with tow bars. We have removed the tow bar from this vehicle as it just didn’t look right, it is included though should the new owner wish to refit it.
Included is the current Finnish registration certificate, Finish Museum register certificate and a framed letter from Keke.

All original Keke Rosberg Design stickers are still present, some worn more than others.
The exterior is in good condition for a 30-year-old vehicle, of course it is used so has signs of wear. Bodyworks looks nice and straight, no signs of mayor repairs.
Paint thickness measurements are normal and quite equal around the whole vehicle, with only higher readings to the rear wheel arches and driver’s side front wheel arch. The mentioned arches are showing signs of previous repair.
There are some blemishes here and the that are highlighted in the photos.

First thing that you will notice is the cool embedded enamel image of Keke Rosberg’s helmet on the steering wheel, this is unique to this model.

Next to catch your eye is the red 4WD button on top of the gear nob, when selected the 4 wheels on the dashboard light up to show that 4WD is active. This has been tested and works as it should.

Interior is very nice and original, just the rear parcel shelf seems to be missing. Seats, carpets, and roof lining are all intact without and rips, also in good clean condition.
There are some blemishes here and the that are highlighted in the photos.
Original spare wheel and tool are still present in the boot storage area.
Mechanically everything is in order, I have been using it for a short period and couldn’t notice any problems. To be honest, I was really surprised by its performance for a 3-cylinder 1200cc engine.
Fun car to drive!
It has a valid Finnish inspection ( MOT/TUV), and is fully roadworthy.
Meter reading is 63470km. I think it is safe to say that it is at least 163470km, I very much doubt that it is 263470km.
We have had it up on the lift and the underneath is in nice rust free original condition, no signs of any nasty previous weld repairs. There are signs of surface rust in some places like on the suspension springs, they possibly could still be the original springs from the factory. This is only cosmetic though and not an area for concern.

I have over 100 detailed photos that can be supplied upon request.

Now is your chance to own a rare vehicle, this Subaru Justy Keke Rosberg can be shipped worldwide!

Vehicle specifications

Make: Subaru
Model: Justy Keke
Year: 1990
Engine size: 1200
Location: Finland



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