Toyota Starlet Rally Car

Posted on 4.10.2022
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Make : Toyota
Model : Starlet
Engine size : 1600
Year : 1982
Country Location : New Zealand

Toyota Starlet Rally Car

Now sold to New Zealand! 

National group F

Car completed / first rally 1/2022, driven 8 rallies.


Toyota’s 4A-GE 16-v

Engine builder: Pekka Jokela.

DRT crankshaft. Wössner pistons. Made with the best parts.

Engine adjustment work was carried out on 06.05.2002, by Harri Alanen, Auto diagnosis Ltd.

176 kW / 239 Hp/210 Nm


6-speed Samsonas Sequential gearbox, with gear display and force sensor.









AP racing callipers: Front: 4-piston 300mm cooled discs. Rear: 2 piston 300mm cooled disc.

Hydraulic handbrake with AP Racing cylinder.

Floor pedals with forward-facing cylinders, Tilton 600-Series. With Tilton cylinders.


Bigem 3-s rear shock absorber. HBS, hydraulic bottoming system

Bigem 3-s front shock absorber. HBS, hydraulic bottoming system

Support arms in front Rally-Corsa CroMo 4130 quality. CroMo swingarms.

At the rear, Rally-Corsa CroMo four-link bars.

Rear axle:

Volvo 1031 with strengthened axles. SSF Volvo evo lock, 3.7 ratio.


Fast, 1.8 turns from side to side. Opel Corsa booster.

Body modification:

Water/soda blown, fully inspected, and welded during construction.

Rear wheel and front wheel housings enlarged.

High-quality and safe steel safety frame (according to AKK appendix J). The safety cage is designed in such a way that the seats are quite low and close to the front edge of the rear.

Steering shaft extension / quick release Lifeline welded quick release centre.

Polycarbonate rear and side windows.

Electrical system:

Maxx Ecu Race+Maxx Ecu PDM + keyboard 6-key. AIM mxp display. (All functions bus-controlled)

Autosport connector in the fire damper.

Electronic functions:

-mixture monitoring lambda in groups 1-4 cyl- limit value alarm.

-Data logger, engine data recording.

-Engine temperature speed limiter – engine overheating alarm – electronic oil pressure monitoring / limit value alarm. Fuel pressure monitoring / limit value alarm.

-Charge voltage monitoring / limit value alarm.

-Sequential function activated in motion control. Interruption of heartbeat during the switching phase.

-Display fully customizable.etc.etc.

-Powerful xenon + Lazer light battery.

-Stilo WRC helmet transmitter.

A fast and efficient winning car that is built with high quality and care.

I have more photos that can be supplied.

This Toyota Starlet Rally Car can be shipped worldwide!

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