Volvo Amazon 122 Sport


Volvo Amazon 122 Sport

Rare colour combination, light green with green interior.

This Volvo is in lovely original condition, it has seen some use but been loved and cared for.

It has only had two owners, well three if you want to count me as well. The first owner used it mainly as his daily driver, his son also used it towards the end of their ownership. It was then sold in 1998 to the second owner, from who I recently purchased it.

Registered on the Finnish museum register in 2000.

As you will see in the photos, it is a very good-looking car. It has been repainted on the outside at some stage, but all the internal areas look to still be in original paint. The previous owner that owned it for 25 years never painted it, so it must have been done by the first owner. There are some blemishes on the paint and some small rust bubbles at the bottom of the fenders, but it is still very presentable.

Interior is in great original condition. The only down fall is the drivers seat, it has lost its support and you need to sit on a cushion to be able to see out.

Underneath is rust free and looks to be in original condition. The only bit of previous welding that is obvious to see is the spare wheel well, this has been replaced. When I lifted the floor matt to check the floors, you can clearly see that it has not been welded.

I have been using it myself on the odd occasions recently, and it drives very well. Mechanically everything is in order.

Please let me know if you need any more information or photos.

This Volvo Amazon 122 Sport can be transported worldwide!

Vehicle specifications

Make: Volvo
Model: Amazon 122 Sport
Year: 1967
Engine size: 1.8
Location: Finland



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